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Whatever value this site possesses is not the result of my disciplined efforts or personal inspiration.  In the thirty-three years I worked in a public elementary school classroom, my students were more the teacher and I was more the student; a rather lunkheaded student at that!  It took me thirty-one and a quarter years to learn the lesson they were emptying themselves to teach me.  This website is dedicated to the one thousand plus students I was honored to share a classroom with.  I very deeply Love every one of them.  They are my heroes.
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Mankind has been living in a determined universe as if it were a free-will universe, which is tantamount to breathing water as if it were air.
This pretty well explains why we're headed for extinction.
"It's All Mathematics; Pure and Simple Cause and Effect
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...a letter to the editor of Harvard Mental Health Newsletter expressing the extreme nature of mankind's refusal to align its social sciences with nature.
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I don't claim to have the answers, just a whole lot of ideas!  I sincerely want to test the veracity of my ideas.  Your thoughts and questions help me do this.  If after browsing through the website you have questions or thoughts you would like to share, contact me at the e-mail address given below and with your permission I will post my response in this section.
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